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          Persist in green development, scientific development, and innovative development

          Always adhere to the development concept of green and environmental protection, continue to carry out innovation and reform, upgrade and transformation.

          Tianrun Chemical, continues to create value for customers

          A professional chemical enterprise integrating production, processing, R&D and sales of phosphate and disinfectant products, with an annual sales volume of tens of thousands of tons

          Safety first, reputation first, quality first

          Safety is always the first, and the company has a complete safety management mechanism that implements every detail.

          —  Since 2006

          About Tianrun Chemical  -  Since 2006

                 Xuzhou Tianrun Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Xuzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China, known as the "Throughput of Five Provinces", with convenient transportation and superior geographical location. After years of development, the company has become a professional chemical enterprise in Huaihai Economic Zone that produces phosphate and disinfectant products that integrates processing, R&D, and sales. There are now more than 50 varieties of chemical products with an annual sales volume of tens of thousands of tons. The amount is tens of millions.

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          • Since 2006

            The company was established in 2006 and is located in Xuzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China, known as the "Throughput of Five Provinces".
          • 50+ chemical varieties

            The leading products are: sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, high-purity sodium hydroxide, hydrazine hydrate, ammonia, sodium acid pyrophosphate, cyanuric acid (cyanuric acid) sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, There are more than fifty kinds of monocalcium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, PVC resin, phosphoric acid, etc.
          • Export to 20+ countries

            Main export markets: Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and some products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
          • 80,000 tons per year

            The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of honesty as the code and quality for development. After years of development, the output value has now reached 80,000 tons per year.

          ISO9002 international quality assurance system


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